My personal journey to embrace the divine feminine and explore the depths of spirituality sparked the creation of our enchanting subscription box experience. It revealed to me the transformative power of connecting with my inner magic and the importance of fostering a supportive and uplifting community.

Motivated by this passion, we set out on a mission to curate a unique spiritual subscription box experience that transcends the surface. Our intention is to provide a sanctuary where individuals can connect, explore, and thrive on their spiritual journeys. Each handcrafted product within our boxes is meticulously chosen to enhance the overall experience, serving as tools for personal growth and empowerment.

Having personally experienced the profound impact of these practices, it is my belief that every individual possesses their own unique magic waiting to be embraced. Through our subscription boxes, we aim to ignite that spark within you, helping you step into your true essence and embrace the transformative power of your spirituality.


Hello, lovely souls! I'm Sara, and I'm thrilled to be the founder of The Woo Woo Box. As a mom of three, I embarked on a journey to not only nurture my family but also to explore my own path of self-discovery and fulfillment. I craved something that would ignite my spirit and bring joy to my soul. That's when the magical concept of The Woo Woo Box was born.

My own experiences in embracing the divine feminine and delving into the depths of spirituality have shaped every aspect of this enchanting subscription box. I believe that spirituality is a deeply personal journey, and I wanted to create a space where others could connect, explore, and thrive on their own unique paths.

From the very beginning, I poured my heart and soul into curating an experience that goes beyond the surface. Each product within The Woo Woo Box is thoughtfully selected to enhance the overall journey of self-discovery and empowerment. Whether it's a handcrafted treasure from a talented artisan or a specially curated tool to support your spiritual practice, every item is chosen with love and intention.

By supporting The Woo Woo Box, you join a community that uplifts and celebrates the magic within each of us, while also supporting the dreams of incredible entrepreneurs.

Thank you from the depths of my heart for being a part of this beautiful journey. I'm here to serve you, to inspire you, and to help you uncover the unique magic that resides within your soul. Together, let's embrace the transformative power of spirituality and create a community where all souls can find solace, inspiration, and a true sense of belonging.

Sara xx