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At The Woo Woo Box, we empower individuals on their spiritual journeys through curated subscription boxes filled with tools, soul-care essentials, and mystical treasures. Our mission is to inspire and support you as you explore and embrace your unique path, fostering connection, growth, and empowerment with every box.


My personal journey to embrace the divine feminine and explore the depths of spirituality sparked the creation of our enchanting subscription box experience. It revealed to me the transformative power of connecting with my inner magic and the importance of fostering a supportive and uplifting community.

Motivated by this passion, we set out on a mission to curate a unique spiritual subscription box experience that transcends the surface. Our intention is to provide a sanctuary where individuals can connect, explore, and thrive on their spiritual journeys. Each product within our boxes is meticulously chosen to enhance the overall experience, serving as tools for personal growth and empowerment.

Having personally experienced the profound impact of these practices, it is my belief that every individual possesses their own unique magic waiting to be embraced. Through our subscription boxes, we aim to ignite that spark within you, helping you step into your true essence and embrace the transformative power of your spirituality.


Hi Magical Souls! I'm Sara, the owner of the Woo Woo Box, a quarterly metaphysical subscription box dedicated to supporting and uplifting individuals on their spiritual journeys.

My love for mysticism and spirituality has been a lifelong journey. As a young girl, I could often be found mixing potions in the kitchen and collecting an array of pretty rocks, laying the foundation for my future endeavors.

Embracing my calling openly in my late 20s, my confidence in my path grew, and I adopted the mantra of "hot mess witchery" as my guiding philosophy. My entrepreneurial spirit, coupled with my unwavering dedication to spiritual growth, drives my mission to provide tools and guidance for others seeking connection and enlightenment.

Beyond my role as a business owner, I am a devoted mother of three and the supportive wife of a farmer. These roles enrich my perspective and inspire me to create a nurturing space within the Woo Woo community. With a sprinkle of humor and a dash of authenticity, my bio reflects my vibrant personality and my commitment to empowering others to embrace their true selves without apology.