Unbox the Magick You Deserve

Make your spiritual journey as unique as you are – The Woo Woo Box is your gateway to a more inspired, magickal life. Each quarterly box is packed with unique, soul-nourishing items to help you thrive.

  • Nourishing Mind, Body & Spirit

    We're always giving our all to everyone else, this box is a gift for YOU to nourish your soul. Let us treat you with this box.

  • Thoughtfully Curated

    Dive into a world of soul care and spiritual exploration with thoughtfully sourced items that elevate your spiritual practice.

  • Transformative Self-Discovery

    Let the transformative power of our subscription box guide you through a sacred odyssey of self-awareness, empowerment, and enchantment.

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The Woo Woo Box

Your Soul Care Sanctuary for the Modern Mystic

A Quarterly Subscription Box designed to empower, uplift, and nurture your spiritual soul.

Your soul-nourishing journey includes:

🔮 Unveil enchanting products, from aromatherapy to metaphysical treasures and herbal delights.
🔮 Empower yourself with a new tumble crystal, radiating distinct energy and healing properties.
🔮 Receive guidance and insights with an oracle cardpull for your path ahead.

Exclusive perks and empowerment:

🌙 Enjoy exclusive perks like Specialty Boxes, tailored to enhance your soul care journey further.
🌙 Embrace monthly digital goodies with Wicked Extras, enriching your spiritual practice.
🌙 Elevate your connection with magickal tools and essentials, receiving 15% off The Woo Woo Apothecary.